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Hey did you hear about the new Scooby Doo series coming out soon, "Be Cool?" What do you think of Scooby's design from the promo pic?

Hey there! I did. There really isn’t a whole to go off of, but as far as the design, it’s interesting. I’m not really sure if I like it or not yet, but there’s only been 1 promo pic of the logo and Scooby, so I’m not expecting that to be ‘the best of the best’ so to say.

I’m always excited for Scooby Doo. <3

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This is super old like…a few months ago. Tried going over it as much as I could :/


This is super old like…a few months ago. Tried going over it as much as I could :/

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This was an accident i swear


This was an accident i swear

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/whomp pretend I didn’t botch this

Idk, I think that considering all the crazy sporting shit he does, Shaggy’s probably gotten a few good luck kisses before.

Velma obviously has perfected that down to a science.

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MI Anon: What parts of (Non-MI and MI) Scooby Doo you thought was surprisingly dark for a kids show?


For me, Mystery Inc. was more realistic as far as characterization goes rather than being dark, but the actual thing that got me was the like…utter danger the Gang was in all the time. 

I mean, they are always in some sort of danger, but a lot of situations they had to get themselves into to find a clue or capture the villain. How many times did they almost get blown up, fallen off a cliff, gotten impaled, walked around in radioactive swamp water, stopped the APOCALYPSE??? A lot. Not to mention the fact that people die and don’t come back in. Half of their parents/parental figures are corrupted, some of them are murderers and it’s a well established fact that they’re just bad people.

My SD followers know that Mystery Incorporated and What’s New, Scooby Doo! are my 2 favourite incarnations of the show simply because they get a lot more into details with the characters and get a bit darker with plots, but MI takes the cake.

I think the reason why the grit works so well with this show is just because my generation is so desensitized to violence.

I’m in Chicago, I live in the Murder Capitol of the US, my mum runs the AV unit at the State’s Attorney’s Office and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone in and volunteered/helped out and we go through photos of people hacked apart, with bullets in their heads, rape victims, gang shootings, the eptiome of what’s wrong with society, and I don’t feel anything. It’s just a part of life and people are bad and it’s just something that happens.

I think the fact that the Gang is truly noble with their intentions and they’re just messed up kids with good hearts that just get sucked into something that’s much bigger than themselves, and they almost get destroyed in the process by these people that want nothing more than for them to fall brings the horror that you SHOULD feel about the violence and hatred in the world back to life. And that’s what makes that dark aspect of the show really work better than any other incarnation.

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scooby doo 🎬 hassle in the castle

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Rest Your Weary Head On My Shoulder

  {A little ficlet based off the zombie apocalypse, and not in the Moonscar Island kind of way. Shelma, obviously.}

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I made a hella dumb Shelma comic.

Velma probably has a potty mouth, or maybe I’m just angry from not being able to walk, you decide, but all of the expressions I gave her scream ‘listen here you little shit’, so.

Here anon, is this good~?

I shelma’d really hard

this isn’t even a SD blog anymore, it’s me crying over my otp, fuck.